Doris Salcedo – the Prize in Visual Arts

The Rolf Schock Prize for Visual Art is awarded to Doris Salcedo for her exceptional ability to achieve material manifestations of loss and longing. Her sensitive and deeply engaging work deals with the long-term consequences of war and lethal violence, and evinces the pain, grief, and empty spaces left behind in souls, homes and entire communities.

Always attentive, always empathic, Doris Salcedo has spent three decades working with sculpture, installations and ceremonial interventions in the public space.

Her scale is monumental. Salcedo creates crushing weight and vertiginous depth, but her works can also be so intimate and delicate enough to be touched by only a fingertip. Hers is a courageous and inclusive oeuvre based on research, memories and testimonies. The actions in public spaces have many co-creators. Salcedo’s works express a general humanity and immediacy that is clear even to those unfamiliar with the original events referenced by these powerful works.

Press contact: Leif Eriksson, the Royal Swedish Academy of Music,

Doris Salcedo

Doris Salcedo

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